Best PHP Learning Management System (LMS)

Infix LMS Learning Management Systems

Infix LMS is a structured, course-based online platform that conveys complex learning content in dynamic ways. It is an all-in-one learning management system that is both affordable and user-friendly. It enables teachers or instructors to create courses on compelling subjects allowing students to enroll from anywhere around the world, anytime.

Infix offers the essential LMS features along with 10+ add-ons and 4 built-in user types: Super-Admin, instructor, and student. Alongside the 9 built-in languages, it supports as many as 170 different languages.

The Dashboard displays a precisely ordered display of the following:

  • Number of students
  • Number of instructors
  • Number of subjects
  • Number of students enrolled
  • Total enrolled amount
  • Total revenue
  • Total enrolled today
  • Total enrolled this month

The Dashboard also displays a monthly and yearly Income stats graph for an easier overview. Daily wise enroll status and recent enrolments are also available making it a user-friendly website.

In the student list section, users can easily find any student along with their email addresses. The instructor list also gives access to a similar feature to find any teachers/instructors. The super-admin can easily sort out which teachers are paid, in what amount they were paid, or the payment due date.

Entering the courses section on the sidebar, it shows:

  • Course Category 
  • Course Subcategory
  • Course level
  • All Courses 
  • Active Courses
  • Pending Courses

All these make the courses section performant for any user.

There is also a coupon section on the sidebar. It allows users to see their accessible coupons. Users can search for a coupon, see the coupon title, coupon code, amount of money, type of coupon, coupon status, minimum purchase amount, and maximum discount for using that coupon. All these can be conveniently viewed in an organized table.

The Quiz section allows the following subcategories:

  • Question group
  • Question bank
  • Set Quiz
  • Quiz setup 
  • Quiz report

This section allows students to attend quizzes. The question bank is also available for the students to practice. Teachers/instructors can set quizzes and the results of students can be seen in the quiz report section. The Quiz report section displays students’ names, categories of quizzes, names of the course, total marks, and obtained marks in a table. The PDF file, XLSX file, CSV file, etc. can be downloaded. A printing option is also available and the whole report can be copied with one click.

The foolproof communication system is available on Infix. The chat section allows easy interaction with students, teachers, or super-admins.

Three easy payment methods are on Infix:

  • Online Payment
  • Offline Payment
  • Bank Payment

Online Payment is available as an essential feature along with an offline payment option

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